Your professional cover will get your book noticed.

 We will create a book cover that will WOW you!

Book Cover Creation:

Your book cover is all important! An effective book cover catches the eye
and makes your book stand out from among dozens around it.

Because of the important first impression a cover must project, Sunrise Mountain Books  
professional artists and graphic designers will create your book cover for you in
consultation with our marketing and sales department.

Your book cover will capture attention and be identifiable from a distance.
It will be attractive with an appropriate image, color combinations, and the right kind of
Title typography that reflects the theme of your book.

Your book cover is a piece of artwork. Like good art, it looks good from a distance,
creates curiosity, and draws the viewer closer to find out more.

You will have a chance to describe your vision for your book cover.
You may suggest and provide your own artwork in the form of a digital photo for
Sunrise Mountain Books to consider using.
If you do this, your art or photo needs to be copyright free. If it is not, you need to
obtain permission or license the images, before they can be used on your book cover.

Third party book cover designs are subject to approval from Sunrise Mountain Books
in order to maintain our standards of quality for professionalism and marketability.

Your book’s back cover will complement the front cover and will include a synopsis of
your book, endorsements, author info, or a combination of these things. The description
on the back cover is the "hook" for the buyer. It will be written
with engaging language to fit the theme of the book.

After talking about it with you, Sunrise Mountain Books will create two designs
for you to choose from.
After you choose between the two designs, you may make one cover revision (revision of  
components other than the image) without incurring extra charges.

Sunrise Mountain Books will provide you an
ISBN number
to be printed on the back cover. The ISBN is necessary for stores and online booksellers
to catalog and order your book.

Book Cover Creation: $495

After two original designs, additional charges may apply.

Let us know what your needs and questions are:

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