Who is Sunrise Mountain Books?
And who is Marilee Donivan?

Before Sunrise Mountain Books publishing company was birthed, I was a
classroom teacher for 12 years, teaching English, Creative Writing, Speech, and
Drama. I relished it all. I am a teacher at the core, and I love words!

Coming from a family of writers, I loved a humorous play on words--yes,
especially PUNS-- and expressive prose and poetry. So, I wrote for the pure joy of
the sounds of funny words, playful ideas, and for emotional release of things I
wouldn't dare say out loud. I wrote frivolous fiction, serious non-fiction, songs
and jingles, and emotional outpourings in my personal journals.

When I took a deep breath, and decided to publish my illustrated children's book
in 2006, I found out how crowded the field of authors is! So, being a determined
and adventurous soul, I decided to study the publishing industry, to learn how an
author--me--could become published, without the long waiting lines in the queue
of big publishing houses.

That in-depth learning process began immediately. I read voraciously, studied
intensely, quizzed authors and publishers, attended writing, illustrating, and
publishing classes and conferences, and more. It was worth the investment of time
and expense! When I published my first book, I applied all that I had learned,
including the technical aspects of word-processing and publishing software,
illustrations, formatting, and book cover designs. I give the same diligent
attention to books brought to us by other authors. Indeed, by the time they are
ready to be printed, I feel entirely invested in every book--something like
a proud grandma!

Sunrise Mountain Books has worked with multiple authors.
Each book is a rich offering, coming from the heart and soul of an author who
yearns to tell his or her own story. Your manuscript is one-of-a-kind, and it
matters. We treat the publishing process with respect and great care, as if it is a
delicate underwater recovery of an exquisite treasure.

When you are published by Sunrise Mountain Books, you are not a self-publisher
any longer.  Sunrise Mountain Books is a registered small publishing house.


We work with first-time authors and already-published authors
who want a professional, cost-effective publishing solution.

Take a look.

We have a vision to get books with a message of hope into the hands of readers.
Children and adults can feel confident that Sunrise Mountain Books will lighten the
heart with engaging stories, encouraging words, inspiring thoughts, and even some
creative projects to enjoy.

Our books teach, encourage, entertain, and inspire.
These are the kinds of books we want to see more of, and we are eager to help such

If your book fits the "positive attitude" category, give us a call or email us.

We invite you to email or call:

(208) 559-7733


Sunrise Mountain Books is a small publishing company. That's good!
We can help you get your book published earlier and for far less expense
than a big publishing company can.

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