What about my Copyright?
And What is an ISBN?


The good news is that your work is automatically copyrighted by you as soon as it is
produced in a tangible form. This is under the new copyright laws since 1976.

In other words, your work is already copyrighted because you have typed it in your
manuscript, and that is a tangible form. This information is taken directly from the
U.S. Copyright Office website:


When we publish your book, we will add a copyright page, showing your name as the
owner of the copyright along with the year the book is published. Your work has already
come under the protection of your copyright from the time you began to write it, but the
copyright page serves notice of it. If you have questions, see the U.S. Copyright Office
website for more detailed information.

You may register your work with the Copyright Office, but a registered copyright is not
necessary unless you have a dispute over the ownership of the copyright.

Sunrise Mountain Books does not charge for creating the Copyright page for your book.


The ISBN is necessary to help stores and online booksellers catalog and order your book.
The ISBN number is part of the barcode you see on the backs of books.  

The ISBN is registered in book catalogs and specifies the title, author, publisher, and
certain properties of the book, such as the book size and the type of book cover (whether
it is a hardcover or softcover).

For this reason, if any of these elements changes (through transfer of the book to another
publisher; or the production of your book in a new size or cover style; or any significant
change in the interior contents of the book, such as adding study notes, or updating
information,) then the new version is a second edition and must be given a new ISBN.
This allows the customer to know the precise edition he/she is buying.

Sunrise Mountain Books will provide you an ISBN number and it will be printed on the
back cover of your book.

Sunrise Mountain Books will also register your ISBN and book description with
Bowker's Books in Print.

ISBN fee:  $45

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