Let's talk!
Ask questions and tell us about your book.
We will work with you to get your book published
with a finished, professional look!

Initial Consultation

Get a no-cost 30-minute phone call or personal meeting with you on your vision for your book.

What is your message and your purpose for writing your book?

To entertain?
Share a meaningful experience?

In our initial conversation, we will listen to you and get to know you and your book idea.

We will give you an overview of the process, the steps toward getting your book into print, and
identify your target market for your book.

The time spent will help you decide which steps in the process are ones you need help with
and which steps you want to do on your own
to turn out a professional-looking book that will attract and hold readers.

Initial Consultation: Call--there's no charge! (208) 559-7733

Let us know what your needs and questions are:

Book Covers
Interior Design
Sales and Marketing Help
Formatting for Kindle
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