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"A masterful weaving of political intrigue, filled
with disguises, twists, maneuvering, and personal

Suspicions, surprises, and speculations abound in this his-
torical fiction of the apostle Paul during his two-year house
arrest under Roman guard. How does Paul spend his days
during this mysterious time in his life while he waits to be
tried on false accusations of sedition and treason?

It is a tightly-woven tapestry of cunning characters and
challenging events, peppered with fascinating details of first
century Roman culture, politics, and power. Clashes
between the Roman elite and the early church come
alive in a vivid depiction of life in Rome and God's work in
the midst of it.

While lives around him churn with uncertainty, Paul
maintains steadfast faith. He sees opportunities and God's
provision in his circumstances, and
ministers to those who are providentially involved─soldiers
and slaves, citizens and senators, believers and unbelievers.

It is a tale of spies and subterfuge, and a tale of overcoming  
struggles. You will be intrigued by the society of sly
manipulators, and inspired by the victories of determined
faith. Enjoy an exciting journey into possibilities, based on
biblical and historical facts.