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Fulfilling the Great Commission
Mentoring is the high calling of Christ, Who
commanded His followers to "Go and make

This mentoring guidebook is not a baby formula for
helpers. Head-on, it addresses many major challenges and
heartaches that are in families, friendships, and the
workplace. Every Christian—not only mentors, counselors,
and church leaders—will find answers through these real-
life examples in case studies with their corresponding
spiritual principles.

Rejecting the temptation to use pat answers, we are
admonished to listen, love, and acknowledge that each
situation is unique. God has given principles, prayer, and
the power of the Holy Spirit to shine light on each
individual circumstance.

A special section on spiritual warfare is especially
illuminating for identifying and overcoming obstacles in the
mentoring/discipling process.
Thought-provoking questions and scenarios are taken
from actual situations and their outcomes. By not side-
stepping the tough issues of our day, this book is effective
for personal help, individual preparation, and for
mentoring others. The spiritual insights and experiences
are also valuable for lively group discussion for those who
want to grow in Christ and follow His Great Commission to
go forth and make disciples.