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We will design the interior of your book to give it
a unique, polished, professional look!

Interior Design:

Whereas Formatting is the arrangement of elements on the pages of your book,
Interior Design is integrated with the formatting and includes added fleurons, photos,
borders, or special fonts to make the pages look unique to your book.
Interior design gives your book its own personality.

Correct Formatting and a pleasing Interior Design work together to create
a professional-looking book.

The Interior Design will be in harmony with the topic of your book, and your intended
audience. It will add to the over-all impression of the book's character (such as humor,
thoughtfulness, spirituality, story-telling, etc.)

A good-looking Interior Design helps lookers become buyers.
When the design makes a statement that your book is a thoughtfully written and
professionally produced work,
there is a psychological positive receptivity to your book before it is even read!

The charge for Interior Design is a fixed cost,
with the Author giving input and approval of the overall look during the process.
The stated up-front cost will be based upon the results of
The First Look at the manuscript
and the number of sections or chapters in the book.

* Each manuscript has its own peculiarities, and may not fall within the usual time
expectations that are used for these price quotes. If you request a customized rate,
we can negotiate an appropriate rate based
on the particulars of your book and your budget.

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