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"Congratulations on the excellent selling of your new book. I truly found it to be enjoyable reading.
Your wit with the one liners provides some very sage advice that the reader should be able to
remember to guide them in living their life to the fullest. I'm a great believer in the "one liner" to
provide direction. As I worked my way up the corporate ladder to eventually become the CEO of the
company, I had two that I kept in mind: 'Great managers do things right: Great leaders do the right
things' and 'Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.' I wish you continued
success with your book."
                                                           Ed Fattes,
                           Retired President and CEO, Trustmark Insurance Company,
                                                      Lake in the Hills, IL
Give a gift of humor and helpful advice to a
graduate or to yourself!
Here's a book that's not just for graduates--
but for anyone taking steps toward success in life.
A fun read with hundreds of memorable one-liner
quotes and solid advice for everyday challenges.

"He who laughs, lasts!" the friendly Professor
reminds us. And he gives us plenty of chuckles to
prove it.

Tom Swanson  knows how to connect with his
readers. Here's what one reader says: