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Formatting is the arrangement of elements on the pages of your book so that it looks
right and meets the printing requirements for your book's size and elements.

It includes paragraph indentations, spacing, margins, italics, and front matter such as
Title Page, Copyright page, Preface, Dedication Page, Foreword, Acknowledgments,
Headers, Footers, Page numbers, Blank pages where they are needed, back matter such as
Notes, Footnotes, Author’s Bio, etc.

Yes, it’s quite a list!

Correct formatting and a pleasing interior design work together to create
a professional-looking book.

Formatting needs to follow standard conventions in the publishing industry. Good
formatting prevents someone from opening your book and saying, “Oh, this is a self-
published book!” and feeling a negative bias before they even begin to read.
Unfortunately, this happens.

You want anyone who picks up your book to immediately look inside, leaf through, and
feel confident that they are holding (or viewing online) a professionally written, edited,
worth-while book.

Good formatting helps to encourage lookers to become buyers. They are not going to be
distracted by an odd-looking interior that may be a hurdle to their expectations for the
quality of the book they are considering.

Interior Design and Formatting are time-consuming work, but they pay off!

Depending on the number of pages, style, and sections/chapters in the book, the
formatting fee will be between $470 to $695. This cost will be fixed, based upon the
results of The First Look at the manuscript and the number of sections
or chapters in your book.

Formatting: Minimum charge $470 *  Order now

* Each manuscript has its own peculiarities, and may not fall within the usual time
expectations that are used for these price quotes. If you request a customized rate,
we can negotiate an appropriate rate based
on the particulars of your book and your budget.

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