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Praise from New York Times Best-selling author, Dr. Kevin Leman:

"Having just written a book about wisdom, I highly recommend Blowing Your Knows in
Public: From Smart to Wise.  
Tom Swanson brings a wealth of insights to the process of
moving towards wisdom. His easy to read, witty, light-hearted style will keep you turning

Jeff Foxworthy says:
"I am at a point in life where mentoring the next leaders of tomorrow is a big priority. Tom's
book gives great advice and insights toward that goal."
Popular author Tom Swanson has more practical
advice to offer through his attention-grabbing
one-liners and friendly story-telling style.

Order your copy to lighten your day or someone
else's with the entertaining and worthwhile
comments contained in these pages. You will find
plenty to talk about and to chuckle over, while
you consider the wit and wisdom of

Blowing Your Knows in Public:
From Smart to Wise.
Another book from Tom Swanson!
What's the difference between smart and
wise? Take a look!