Write Your "About the Author" page for your book.

Giving the reader a little bit of interesting "inside" information about the author
helps the reader connect with your book's message.

Most authors have difficulty writing their author biography
which typically goes in the back pages or front matter of the book.
A short biography may also be on the back cover of the book if there is room there.
It doesn't need to be long, just a paragraph will do.
Sometimes a photo of the author is also included. It is optional.

It's not a resume'-- just fun facts.

When you write your Bio, be sure to include your background or experiences that relate
to your book's theme. This gives credibility to your book's message.

Also think about places you have lived, or a special interest that you have, or some other
personal fact that allows the reader to know something about you which could create a
sense of personal connection between reader and author.

Here is a list of some possible bits of author interests to use:
Places you've traveled
Favorite food
Family information
Favorite quote
Musical interest
Humorous one-liner
Past career choices (pre-author)
Why you write
How long you've been writing
Other things you've written

You can always look at other authors' bios to get ideas. Just have fun with it.
You're trying to establish a connection with your readers.
Think about what you'd like them to know if you were meeting them personally.

Maybe you'd like help writing it.
If you want us to write your Author Bio for you:

We will get your information through email or a phone call interview and send the
write-up to you for your approval before it is added to the book.

Author Bio written for you:  $55

Let us know what your needs and questions are:

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