PLEASE READ these Terms and Conditions before you proceed, then click the link at the bottom of this page.

1.  I have spoken to, and/or received email communication from, a Sunrise Mountain Books representative
regarding the services I need and this purchase.

2.  I understand that Sunrise Mountain Books requires its authors to be 18 years old or older. If an author is not
18 years old, the author's parent, guardian, or other adult must co-sign agreements and will be legally
responsible for communications and financial transactions with Sunrise Mountain Books.

3. I understand the services which Sunrise Mountain Books will provide. I understand it is my responsibility to
provide the completed manuscript and pertinent requested information in a timely manner to Sunrise Mountain
Books in order for the services to be completed on schedule.

4. Sunrise Mountain Books has given me a timeline within which the service(s) will be provided, and/or an
estimated date of completion.

5. I understand that the completion date of the ordered services is contingent upon my cooperation and ability to
provide the necessary documentation and information for the interior pages and/or book cover, relevant to the
services I order.

6.  While small changes in the manuscript may be made after Sunrise Mountain Books begins work, I
understand that if I should decide to make significant changes after the work has begun, and if those changes
require a substantial amount of time to complete, the changes may be subject to a change fee. I understand that
Sunrise Mountain Books is not expected to proceed with time-intensive changes until the change fee is paid. I
understand that prompt payment ensures continuing progress on the book's project and that delays in payment
may incur delays in the working timeline. I understand that priority is always given to accounts that are fully

7. I understand that the services which I order require time and communication between author and publisher. I
agree to communicate with Sunrise Mountain Books whenever clarification is needed on any requests or issues
which are related to the services I order. I agree to provide Sunrise Mountain Books an email address for that

8. I understand that under normal circumstances and normal business hours (Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to
5:00 p.m. Mountain Time), Sunrise Mountain Books will respond to my questions within a 24-hour period,
usually by email.

            I have read and I accept these terms and conditions and signify it by proceeding with my transaction.
If you have spoken with a Sunrise Mountain Books representative,
and if you agree to the terms and conditions stated here,
proceed with your payment here.

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