Let us help you get your book published.

See a Proof Copy of your finished book before it is published.

Printing and Proof Copy:

You will have the opportunity to view your finished book in a digital proof copy before it
is published.

You also may choose to have a Proof Copy of your book printed and sent to you
before your books are officially printed and published.
This gives you a chance to see your book the way it will look and feel,
and make any changes you feel are important before you go to the expense of  
printing a large quantity.

It is also a chance to check the printer’s setup of the book to see that it opens sufficiently
for easy reading, that the design is pleasing to the eye, and to give a final check for any
problems before spending money on a large quantity of books.

Printed Proof Copy: $45  
Order now

Digital Proof:   no charge

* Please take note:

* After approving the Proof copy and officially publishing your book,
certain small changes may still be possible, but will be charged at an hourly rate.

Large or significant changes in the manuscript and/or cover design
after publishing will require a new ISBN number
and must be designated as a second edition of the book.

This is standard in the publishing industry, and must be adhered to for sales
and catalog purposes.

Therefore, the author is
strongly encouraged to be diligent in studying the Proof copy
of the book when it is delivered for inspection.

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