Let us help you get your e-book published.

We will work with you to get your book
formatted for Kindle and other e-readers
with a finished, professional look!

Kindle e-Formatting:

To turn a print book into an e-book, manual reformatting is necessary.
If this isn't done properly, the result on the e-reader screen can be

Basic formatting without hyperlinks in Table of Contents:  
This works fine for certain kinds of short books.
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If you want your book formatted for Kindle to include a Table of Contents
with links to each separate chapter in your e-book, we can do that, too.
This takes a little more time.

Including the links to each chapter makes it easier for readers
to quickly find their place on the Kindle,
because Kindle books do not use page numbers.
(Due to the different size screens currently in use among different e-readers, the page
numbers pop up all over the place, depending on the e-reader you are using.)
This may change soon, but not until there becomes an industry standard.
(So far, it’s not happening.)

Kindle e-Formatting with hyperlinks:
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