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With Discussion questions for Book Clubs and Bible study groups!  
FAITH Refined--Holding On When Life is Falling Apart:
With Conversation Starters
In the midst of confusion and uncertainty you desperately want
something to hold onto for stability and hope. What do you do when
unwelcome changes suddenly reshape your life?

The author's experiences of losses and miracles, disillusionment and
hope, depression and joy ring with authenticity. So does her faith
which weathered spiritual attacks and ragged emotions in this
riveting true story. Her powerful real-life examples will inspire your
faith and encourage you to press on and experience God's amazing
love in new ways.

The compelling narrative is a worthwhile journey through trials,
questions and victories, with updates since the first printing.

The new edition's Conversation Starters in each chapter invite
reflection and meaningful conversation about experiences and
beliefs. Use them to nourish personal spiritual growth and mutual
support in groups.

"Though the path is shadowy and your vision is sometimes
obscured, God is with you in your stumbling steps—to
stretch your faith, heal your broken heart, restore your joy, and
ultimately crown you with victory."
"If you have gone through some rough times and wondered what God was
doing, this book will be of great value to you. If you have not gone through
rough times in life yet, get the book anyway, because someday you will join
the rest of us and this is a book you will draw strength from."
David L. Wood, author, Pieces of My Heart.