Endorsements and Reviews Help Sell Books!
Sunrise Mountain Books will write an enticing description and review of your book and
submit it to amazon.com when you publish through us. It will appear on the
amazon.com website along with your book offering and Author Bio.

In addition, there are things you can do to get other reviews
and endorsements for your book.
Send your books to individuals who will agree to write a review of your book. (These are
called "review copies" and are not sold, but are given to the reviewers, so be discerning
about the reviewers you choose.)

When you receive their reviews and endorsements, you will want to add them to the back
of your book cover or add them to the interior of your book. (Sunrise Mountain Books
will do this for you when we are your publisher.)

Seeing good reviews helps others decide to buy a book from a new author.

to place their review on the amazon.com page where your book is for sale.
Ask them to send you a copy of it to use on your website or other websites you choose.
Be considerate and respectful.
Communicate personally with your reviewers (no form letters!) to get the best possible

Adding endorsements to your book cover takes a little more time
than adding them to the interior of your book, because the book cover has to be
reformatted to accommodate the addition.
You will want to choose the best endorsement(s) for your back cover, as it is where a
buyer typically looks right after seeing the front cover.

Adding endorsements to the book's interior is generally less expensive.

It is possible to add endorsement pages without having to get a new ISBN for your book.
Sunrise Mountain Books can add these pages to a book we havc published,
and also add one or more short endorsements to the back cover.

Add Endorsements/Reviews pages:   $60 Order now

Back Cover Endorsements:   $125  Order now

Interior AND Back Cover Endorsements:    $150  Order now
(ordered at the same time)

Let us know what your needs and questions are:

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